If they then need a loan for the self-employed, this must be done without proof of income. The self-employed and freelancers often reach the limits of the credit system. It is difficult for the self-employed to prove a secure salary. Therefore, finding a loan for the self-employed without proof of income is very popular.

Proof of earnings

Proof of earnings

The proof of income provides information about the professional and non-professional income of one or more people and thus provides a significant insight into their solvency. Proof of income may be required in several cases. Proof of income is very often required when renting a holiday home or buying larger quantities in installments, as well as when buying or leasing a new car.

However, in most lending it is conceivable. For many lenders, proof of income is the basis for an investor’s credit check. There are three different forms of proof of income. On the one hand, there is proof of income for employees, which usually requires an employment contract, the three last-mentioned payslips and a wage statement from the client.

If you do not want to unnecessarily explain to your client why you need proof of earnings, you can usually submit the account statement for the past three months. Self-employed or freelance work can also provide additional proof of income, including the profit and loss accounts and financial statements for the past two years and the company valuation for the current financial year.

Proof of income is increasingly sufficient to provide security for the approval of smaller loans, and no further verification is required, especially for direct loans.

Personal loans for the self-employed

Personal loans for the self-employed

A loan from private individuals for self-employed persons without proof of income and Schufa! Loans from private individuals for the self-employed! This form of financing is particularly attractive for the self-employed and self-employed, since it is easier to obtain a loan from private individuals than a loan for the self-employed.

A loan from private individuals to self-employed persons without proof of income and without Schufa information is therefore the only possible form of financing for many self-employed persons. Credit note when rejected by the bank! If it is not possible to provide sufficient proof of income or financial statements for the past few years and there may still be a Schufa entry, they will be denied access to the capital market.

Loans from private individuals for the self-employed also offer further uses. There is now a lively market for loans through credit markets for individuals. But among the many lenders is prudent too! Of course, you can apply for a loan from a private individual or give up any object. However, if the acceptance guidelines of entrepreneurs are not followed, then the companies will bear the expenses first and will get nothing in the end!

In contrast, we are aware of the acceptance guidelines for a personal loan for self-employed persons across various credit markets.

Meanwhile, the operators of the credit halls also have comparable or the same acceptance guidelines as the credit institutions. Those who cannot show two receipts with a sufficient salary with a loan from private individuals are then rejected by the credit markets. In an e-book, we showed you an attractive variant of a loan for the self-employed.

Starting with the selection of private investors up to the loan application for the self-employed. It is an extensive book and provides answers to many questions. If you wish, you can also download the book right away.